Mastering Plone - review - chapter Using Third-Party Behaviors

Dear plonistas, I am reading, following and doing some reviews on the mastering-plone training. I found something that I don't know if it is an issue of collective.behavior.banner or the training itself, or even something on my environment . I would like some advice before creating an issue.

The docs ask to add a Slider behavior to the Page Default type, create a Banner type with only the banner behavior, a folder, some banners and then link it to the front page.

The thing is: The slider field where I link to a banner object can't find the banners on the folder. It only find the banners if they are in the same folder where the front page is (the root folder in this case).

The RelationChoice field is filtering only banners that have an image.

So we should rewrite the steps, to create a slider only in a folder or something similar.