Mastering Plone is a master work

I am in awe of the work and care and, yes, love that has gone into the Mastering Plone training class. I am about to try to teach that class this week and feel that I am most definitely standing on the shoulders of giants. Plone is a magical community full of smart AND NICE people.


PS: we really need to exorcise the grok out of everything :joy:


and update it to use plonecli :wink:


I have never used grok myself, but I noticed it in an add-on that was not migrated to Plone 5.2.

Will grok work in Plone 5.2 or is that a 'complete rewrite' ?

Not a rewrite, just the Zope Component Architecture (ZCA) registrations need to be refactored. This some work, but nothing overly difficult. It helps to understand the ZCA well.