Mastering Plone 6 is published

At I today deployed the new version of the Mastering Plone Training. It is called Mastering Plone 6 and is a mayor new version.

  • It covers backend- and frontend-development. All frontend-tasks are implemented in Volto.
  • Most Volto chapters link to chapters that solve the same task using Plone Classic, i.e. server-side rendered templates and Barceloneta.
  • The previous Mastering Plone 5 Training is still available at
  • It follows the same story (a Plone Conference website) and solves the same tasks plus some more.
  • Since Plone 6 is not released yet it still runs on Plone 5.2.3 plus Volto. To make that work it used some hacks in (e.g. it allows editing the site-root using the Pastanaga Editor and pulls in collective.folderishtypes to have folderish Document)
  • The /5/ in the URL will go away
  • It is still work-in-progress, for example the chapter that covers writing a custom restapi-endpoint is not written yet, the code mostly exists though (

This was and still is a group-effort. Special thanks to Katja Süss who will give the training at the upcoming conference with me and who wrote many of the exciting new Volto chapters. Also many thanks to Janina Hard who worked on many of the Volto chapters.

Please read and test the training and please give feedback, bugfixes or suggestions at


That's fantastic work! Thanks a lot for your efforts Philip, Katja, and Janina. You rock!!!