Marketing/Communication Team Meeting Notes, 2015-10-30


  • Status Updates (Christina)
  • Plone 5 promotion
  • New
  • News Needed
  • End of meeting action items
    Attending: Christina, Paul, Johanna, Kim

##Status Updates (from Christina)
###Plone 5 Promotion

  • Paul @ OSCon earlier this week
  • Posters and presence (Guido, Paul, Johanna, Maik, Armin) at CMS Garden (Oct 31)
    ###News items published/to be published
  • Very brief conference summary on
  • Alpine Sprint on
  • Announcement at conference about Castle Sprint, date to be determined but sometime end Sept or early Oct 2016
  • Newsletter with Day 1 conference talks videos, slides, and Maurits’ notes] sent Oct 30; next week will be Day 2 (videos are still being processed)
    ###Social Media Campaigns
  • (ongoing) announcements of new sponsors
    ###Success Stories (status, submission dates)
  • Draft Status
    • French Ministry of National Education, Eric Brehault, submitted Sep 29; drafted and being reviewed, next step is to send to Eric for review & approval
    • Cambridge Drawing Society, Luke Tunmer, Oct 2, in draft status
  • Need More Info
    • Brazilian Government, Hector Velarde, July 16 (not enough info to write story)
  • In the Queue
    • Silver Chain Group, Hatchd, Oct 15
    • IMIO (briefly talked to Joel at conference—he submitted as soon as launched but we had problems with the form the first day or two, I think submission got lost)
      ###Marketing Materials Are Now Available for Community Use
  • 6 Plone 5 posters
  • Plone 5 banner (from conference)
  • EuroPython 2015 poster


##Plone 5 Promotion

  1. Should we create a pamphlet/handout for Plone 5 features?
    • reformat CMS Garden (make it editable text) and put on GitHub so we have master copy and others can use it
  2. How to incorporate into sliders on new (homepage screenshot)?
    • Could use theme of: people, places, things
    • Take text from posters, make sure they direct to
    • Advertise
  3. Agreed: this team should not be responsible for creating and maintaining a Plone/other CMS comparison materials
  4. How to use this idea (
    • Create 'New to Plone' page with links to:
      • Install Plone
      • Beginners tutorial
      • Documentation
      • Community help
      • Is the Plone contributor agreement part of the signup process?
      • Local Users Groups
      • include report a bug? (direct to github)
      • report documentation fixes
      • (capture info from
  5. Plone Community landing page
    • Plone teams and description
    • how to join teams and/or contribute to Plone
  6. News: what should the tone of news on the new be?
    • More formal “Official” Plone stuff
      • announcements
      • board news
      • team stuff
      • releases
      • hotfixes
      • and the like
    • Less formal community contributions
      • Really like Matt’s conference summary and would like to have way to flag items like this for front page news
      • Create Profile blog that everyone with profile can write in
      • Make it obvious on homepage: “blog” and “news” items
        ##News Items Needed/Social Media Campaigns
  7. Boston Ploneconf 2016
  8. New Board officers & liaisons (Chrissy to draft, send to Christina by early next week to edit & publish)
  9. Christina to revisit Google Ad Words
  10. Sure wish we had volunteer who is really good at interviewing

#End of Meeting Action Items

  1. post meeting notes to (Christina)
  2. Boston Ploneconf 2016 News item (Kim)
  3. Contact agnogueira and rodfersou to get more info for Olympics site Success Story (Christina)
  4. Reformat CMS Garden (make it editable text) that others can use and put on GitHub so others can use/contribute
  5. Google Ad Words (Christina)
  6. (Christina will add to new issue tracker)
    • Take text from posters, make sure they direct to for slider
    • Advertise in slider
    • functionality needed to flag planet plone for homepage news
    • addition of community blog
    • feedback to team on the “new to Plone” and community landing pages
    • make sure foundation sponsorships are prominently placed
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