Markdown tables in Plone 5.2

I have been using markdown tables in Plone.

Now, I tried to use markdown tables in Plone 5.2, but I can not get it to work.

| tab 1 | tab 2 |
| :-- | : -- |
| nr 1 | nr 2 |

I can not remember if I did something special earlier… or is this supposed to work in Plone 5.2 ?

Whitespace after second colon...


That is not in the 'real code'.
I have the same table on another site and on stackedit

I also tested here:

I think this is a bug. I can not get ANY Plone 5.2 setup to work with markdown. I will try to find out 'when it happened'.

If anyone has it working, please let me know.

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