Margin-top on way too negative

Whenever i want to add content on the root folder, the side menu won't appear.
What is causing this is that i have 21 dexterity types defined on my site , if deleted the side menu does function well

Checking what is happenning with chrome's inspect i've found that the "margin-top" at the style attribute of the side menu becomes -657px, reseting that to 0px makes the side menu appear on the top

I would like to solve this.. things that i have tried with no succes:
(i don't mind not having this types available on the root folder.)

  • Restrict on the root folder what to add like "folder_constraintypes_form"
  • Having a "more" option that could conceal those types
  • setting to 0px the "top-margin" attribute on the root folder

any help would be appreciated

I am not completely sure what you mean:

Do you really need all the content types to be addable to the root folder?

If not you can go to: yoursite/portal_types/manage and change the settings for Plone Site.

You will then have to do the same (but this can be done in the control panel) for all the folderish content types.

Too me: it sounds like 21 dexterity content types are quite a lot: is it not possible to a) have fewer (and maybe use mosaic view), or b) have some folderish content types in which you can add only some of the content types or c) Make a few folder (sections) and manually decide which types you can add there.

UPDATE: You could try adding some css, maybe: ul {
margin-top: 0 !important;

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Thank you very much Espen !
Both of your answers helped me to solve this issue

I'ḿ currently migrating a legacy system to plone+rapido and dexterity types can grow in number, but "so far so good".. i'm very optimistic !

All those types were not for the user to directly choose, they all can be added in a hidden folder through the interaction with a context sensitive rapido+mosaic tile

Best wishes !