Many plone sites under singl Plone6/volto configuration?

I have been using Plone for several years (now Plone 5.1.0) and have several sites installed in one Plone instance on an ubuntu virtual server. Works great and is stable.
I tried plone6 with volto (in nginx-plone-volto-postgresql docker configuration) on a ubuntu 22.04 LTS virtual machine. I chose this because installation from the packages failed with a python module missing.
Volto interface in Plone 6 is a quantum jump adead ! Beautiful !
I realise that I can only see one site under volto (port 3000), even if I have several sites configured in the backend (on port 8080). Is there information available about serving several volto sites under a single Plone6 instance?
Frankly, I am somewhat lost in reading the documentation.
I am also wondering about adding extensions in a Plone 6 instance. Should this happen in the buildout ?
Thanks for advance,

you may have to create several volto instances in different ports and change .env on each to specify the port to use and the backend site to use for each. This will also add the flexibility to have different volto addon and/or theme on each site.

eg. (assuming you have volto-generator install)

nvm use 20
yo @plone/volto YOUR_VOLTO_SITE --volto 17.6.1
vi .env
yarn install
yarn build
yarn start

repeat for each site changing the names

Thanks you Rafael

I will try this in the upcoming days !


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