Making your site slower by using the wrong technology

yes, just trolling around:

HT @rodfersou

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No one is saying you can’t keep on using traditional Plone. In other cases having a React or Angular front end will accelerate performance by not sending so much over the wire. Anyway you’re planning to run Plone 4 for the next 20 years so you’re set :slight_smile:

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Netflix has a very specific use case, and everyone knows that there is no silver bullet.

But still believe that new technologies are proven to be better in general use cases, and this is just an exception.

Really fun indeed :smiley:

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I know there's people that have been running Plone 2 sites for over 10 years so, why not? :wink:

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If you completely remove JavaScript you can go even faster.

Next step: get rid of CSS :smiley:


@hvelarde I am sorry but what you are suggesting in the title of your post (that Plone would become slower when we would move to React) is in no way reflected in the post by Netflix. Netflix replaced client-side React with pure JS (and kept server-side React) to gain a performance benefit. What makes you think this has any implications on how the performance of a pure react frontend would compare to standard Plone? What you claim here is just nonsense IMHO.

Why don't you just run a set of performance tests to compare vanilla Plone with plone-react instead of trolling here?

Well at least you prefaced it with the fact that you were just trolling. :point_up:

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Yeah he is just trolling. @hvelarde should realize that by doing so, however, he affects real people who are making Plone more modern and relevant. There is only so much teasing that a person can take, and doing it online makes it hard to see the underlying humour (assuming it is there)...

why stop there? Get rid of all UX and just use apis. Not only will performance improve but development and maintenance will be much easier. Plone users are enterprise experts after all. They know its quirks by now :wink:

the title was chosen indeed to provoke reactions but, as you are smart guys, I expect good arguments in response.

besides the obvious joke about the PlainJS framework, the best answer to the Netflix tweet was, IMO, this one:

and that's exactly the case if you take a look at Netflix front page:

so yes, we can make any web site slower if we misuse technology and I don't need to run performance tests to confirm that.

@tkimnguyen in 750 post on this forum, I've trolled exactly 2 times: one was flagged and the other was this one with a warning note on top; criticism is not teasing, and is not trolling. you don't need to lecture, seriously.

I'm not going to tell anybody what to do, but staying online all the time and answering work posts over the weekend increases bad mood and diminishes concentration.

no kitten was harmed in the process of changing the title of this thread.