Make root a Navigation point

I have a project where I need the root to be a navigation item, so I need a Home.
Is there a setting in the backend or something similar that I can activate, or do I have to shadow the navigation component?

Screenshot 2023-11-06 151337

I don't know if that's implemented in Volto, but in Classic-UI you have the portal_tabs/Home action which you can show/hide in the /@@actions-controlpanel ... i you have access to the ZMI you can browser to portal_actions/portal_tabs/index_html and check its visibility checkbox.

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Thank you that was it! In the backend i can access the actions settings and check the visibility checkbox of the Portal Tabs Home Header.

@petschki I tried to use this with the volto-dropdownmenu, but I couldn't get it to work. Has anyone had experience with that?