Make dexterity content visible in album view TTW

I have a 'person' dexterity content type that I have created TTW, that also leverages the LeadIn image field. Since my Person content type is folderish, and contains the LeadIn fields, I can use it's album view as a base display for each content item--and I like it. However, when I try to put all of my person content items in a folder, and visualize that folder in album view--nothing show up.
I know that I can likely add my person content item to the album view template--but I cannot find where that is, and my TAL skills are limited. I am sure this is a relatively easy appreciated.

I would like to add that I too want the same thing. It seems that the Album View was set up for images only, however.

As for bringing the desired option to fruition, it may be something as simple as changing the conditional statement for what goes into the Album View in the first place. Right now, I suspect that it searches for image objects only. Changing the condition to an "image OR dexterity-with-lead-image-field" might do the trick. Have to look at the source code, but this doesn't sound overly difficult and definitely useful.

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It looks like it only looks for images:

        result['images'] = container.getFolderContents(
            {'portal_type': ('Image',)}, full_objects=True)

You can probably just add your own content type.

A better approach could be to catalog 'has leadimage' and just search for that (?)

I would think that looking for "has leadimage' would be a better approach. Guess I need to get on the developer list and submit something.


you can use jbot to override the (py) template... just add your own content type should probably work ( 'Image', 'MyType' )

Is that compatible with Plone 5? is

(so you need to add them to something (your theme, maybe)

Was that code example for Plone 4?

I am not at work now, but I think it was for Plone 5