Lovely search enhancement's search was updated during the #ploneconf2019 sprint to present much better search results. Thank you @balavec , @acsr , @pbauer!


But it needs some CSS love...

THX, saw this in the screenshot of Kim as well – indeed, during the tests before the pull requests it worked well locally. Seems the production CSS has a small caveeat to master. should be easy to fix in the highlighting of the result. Important! This is affecting the Algolia CSS that was badly overwritten by local Plone in the past.

The Issue is actually depending on the result. During the test in the Sprint the issue did not show up at all. But maybe all others were Design Blind. To figure that out try search terms like foo, fool foolish and Tool.

So finally it is necessary to reopen the ticket and fix this. I have no time this week. But I dump this into the ticket.

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Opened a new Ticket with hints to test & fix.

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