Lotus Notes Document Link


We recently started to play around with Plone. We currently use Lotus Notes for everything at the office and would like to somehow link documents from Lotus Notes to Plone. I did see that there was a way to add a link internally and externally, but I am unable to get that link to our Lotus Notes.

Any help would be appreciated for this newbie.

Would this be something related to using the add-on Plomino??

No. Plomino is something different. The Lotus notes document link is a type of hyperlink. You may need to add some custom code to your Plone site that detects notes:/// type links and converts them into hyperlinks in Plone.
It seems like something that could be implemented in javascript and intergrated into the Plone in a few hours.

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notes:// URI as other URLS incoming an options server part, database part and object part.
You need to convert whose links inside Plone (best through some lines of JS code) in to a related http/https URL that will match the resource of the related object inside Notes.

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