Looking for add-ons maintainers

Hi all,

seems there's no Plone development in my short/mid-term future. As I still had some add-on on my personal github realm I moved them all to collective.

Follow a brief list:

Already Plone 5 compatible (mostly):

  • Products.SimpleGroupsManagement
  • collective.factorymenu

Plone 4 compatible:

  • collective.jsconfiguration
  • collective.externalizelink
  • collective.typecriterion
  • collective.takeaportrait
  • Products.ATCustomizableView

Even older/less usefull:

  • Products.PloneboardNotify
  • collective.microdata.event
  • collective.microdata.contentlisting
  • collective.microdata.core
  • example.wtforms
  • collective.flowplayerclipviews
  • collective.relateditems

Next: I'm also the only active (un)maintainer for some collective add-ons (few of them are great add-ons and already Plone 5 compatible):

  • collective.configviews
  • collective.portlet.embed
  • collective.regjsonify
  • collective.select2
  • Products.SignupSheet

So: if you find in this list something that you want to takeover drop me a ping and I will enable you for pypi access. Many of them are already shared with the "collective" pypi user, but IIRC this account has been lost, isn't it?

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My guess is that the collective user is registered by Alan Runyan: https://pypi.org/user/collective/

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Nice shot! So: it is still the right account to share at? @tkimnguyen ?

Luca, I'm sorry to see you step away :frowning: but it's an occasion to thank you for everything you have done, and you've done so much!

Please proceed and give the collective user Owner role on all of these. And if you don't mind, me too (tkimnguyen) and I'll make sure to assign to other suspects :slight_smile:

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I've sent him a message to ask

@keul I'm sad to see you move on. Keep in mind that you can always try to plonify your new job :wink:
What does collective.factorymenu do? It has no readme and I was to lazy to read the code.

Sorry, updated the README a bit

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@keul we now have the collective pypi password (thx @jaroel you were right about who had it!) Who has the 'collective' pypi user password? so you can safely grant Owner role to collective

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I don't want to tell people from Plone Foundation how should they work, but now that you have this password it would be nice to share with more people from the board. Having this user is really handy because if anyone wants to work on a package the collective user can grant them to publish.

@idgserpro the collective user has been collectivized. Release team, AI team, Board can grab when needed.

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What's that? Could not find an org chart on the site.

Oh that's what that disturbance in the Force was...