Login form question

Hi there,

I've a login form on my website, It was supposed to open an area to logged users only, but ? cann't find any information about how to do a login script.

I've already point my form to a script, like a send email script, any one can help me?



If you just want to redirect your user to a given page after login, you can use the ?came_from=your_url parameter. The login form will use it to redirect the user to the came_from url.

What I need is to know how I can authenticate users trought this form


Oh ok, sorry.

The best approach is to theme the default Plone login form with Diazo.
So a rule like:
<rules css:if-content=".template-login_form"> ...your stuff... </rules>
would be just enough.

Note: it is not recommended to create your own login form if that's just about changing its layout. You would implement your own login form only if you actually want to change the way it works, in that case, you would create your own version of Products/CMFPlone/skins/plone_login/login_form.cpt in your custom skin.

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yeah mate, I was tottaly blind and didn't saw the plone_login folder! You made my day mate.

Thanks you sooo much

Also: there is a login portlet