Login errors with github and with regular account

In IRC rei0004d reported being unable to log in with his github account "dimified" nor with an email address. He tried with Chrome and Firefox. I saw several of these errors in the Discourse log: https://community.plone.org/logs/show/87bdc3e8aa15eba61f38e4afca827b60 as a result of his login attempts.

I was able to log out of Discourse then back in again with my Github account without any problem.

(I myself also ran into the last 2 days or so a problem "liking" a post, for which there are 33 of these errors https://community.plone.org/logs/show/2371bc6c9e5af6208500cf1c01a3a30c )

Has there been a Discourse upgrade recently?

06:23 Something went wrong, perhaps this email is already registered, try the forgot password link
06:24 with github and create new account
06:24 also something with cookies

The user's email address is dimitri DOT reifschneider ad gmail punkt com

update via IRC in case you dont get it:

dimified> @tkimnguyen Can you help me with my login on the community site?
rockfruit> I just met with someone who is also having issues loggin in there. Apparently, the "confirmation" email comes really late, and by which time it has expired.
dimified> wow
dimified> okay
dimified> haven’t received anything yet

@martior found out that the Discourse software upgrade, if re-run, fixes the problems we had been seeing. I confirmed that it had corrected a problem I had when I tried to get to a person's profile page to message them.

Oh nice, and now I can mute users \o/