Location for U.S. "Plone Open Garden 'Merica"?

It was made known to me that some believe that the U.S. should have its own version of PLOG / Sorrento / awesome-place-with-great-coffee.

A likely good time of year to have this would be June 2016, when the Plone Symposium would normally be taking place.

While it's clear we wouldn't be able to replicate the amazing Sorrento event (first off, we don't have the view of Vesuvius), it would be, say

  • a 3 day event
  • no formal talks scheduled
  • mostly a sprint in a relaxed environment
  • a pleasant location
  • inexpensive to stay at
  • easy to fly to

Many of us are in the midwest (Wildcard, Six Feet Up, UW Oshkosh, Penn State, Louisville), though a lot of our big contributors are on the west coast. There's also the question of whether we would want to encourage European attendees perhaps by being closer to the east coast.

Some ideas on location:

  • Chicago (centrally located)
  • Grand Canyon (fly to Las Vegas)
  • Key West (or anyplace in Florida, really)
  • Jamaica?
  • Seattle? (Cioppino folks?)

Please respond if you have a preference for the location of such an event...

For many reasons, I'm going to vote for Jamaica!

Jamaica is more closer for me and others Plonista in Venezuelan :heart_eyes: