Live video transcription for conference?

I was thinking about how useful it has been to have @mauritsvanrees blogging so prolifically during our conference and sprints. However he is just one person (as far as we know, though we have our suspicions given his productivity and omnipresence at the conference). I'm sure I've read about live automated transcription of video. Do any of you have experience with such a thing?

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Likely these tools will fail for speakers with some kind of accent. In particular they will likely fail for a larger amount of tech terms or Plone specific terms :slight_smile:

I know, I know: Europeans are going to make snide comments on using this American service but according to this, AWS can do custom vocabularies. The accents might be an issue, true. I am curious now to run one of Andreas' "Plone is dead" (2014 vintage) talks through the service as a test :laughing:

OK I tried it on

...I did not try with the custom vocabulary but yeah, it's not a very good transcription :slight_smile:

Oh, I'm giving this talk, um, under development since 12 years now on basically 10 years as professional for positive top stuff.

On DH at least over the last year in 2020 14

We're seeing the crowing pain about pain. A czar had been myself. I've walked some developers in the committee and the customer side.

One of her projects on DH.

I thought it was time to give a talk about my experience and then just saying what we had as its parents and so on, were seen some surprising and I picked up the project because over the last years and blown projects on DH, it's very this year. We have lots off your frustration.

That pretty heavy cross that record.

So just go on for pickup blown project's almost everything lost legacy stuff.

Desk of a raft over and over your stuff. They know what happened on which one custom aside for pretty small inside immigration from for two for three. That party.

Um, custom code. He always had this recreation Justice Tanya EMC Times in a lot of looking at problems is Java script, especially when you're high in the game.

He had a bit took to go a project by the beginning of the year from, uh, company that didn't know about clone and produce a huge that sides with about 40 different part time stands on it. It's my creation from 02 for two.

Lots. Ofem party garbage go to be put through away.

Wait, tries my creation because immigration two for 124 to running in a pretty pretty fast, But then we tried to go to for three and run into some trouble. So we're currently on for two on DH. You couldn't even get in listening to the customer. What the maturation from 4 to 43 would cost so basically grazing thieves. Okay, you pay what it costs, but, um, if you are in business, and Cosmos would expect a big surprise estimates.

It's pretty hard to give this estimate.

OK this one from some shadier character was a bit clearer:

a lot of these things were familiar to us as clone people, But we made some improvements in Castle. Uh, we added some of these additional improvements in Castle

As I said, it was meant really, to be a distillation of the experience that we had at large websites with large websites and with, uh the content, the number of content editors that use our software.

Is spread out over

About the entire country, really? And they don't have a lot of opportunity to receive consistent training. So again, you want to improve the ability for someone to just log into the site and understand

Fairly intuitively what they need to do and not break things.

So some of the first things that we did is we incorporated additional security features into Castle s O. We have a thing we call the log in Shield, which is essentially a proxy.

That you have to log into before you can even get access to the site, So it's not fancy, but it's something that does help it mitigates against undesired access to the site.

Andi. It's particularly useful if you have something that needs to be private. So if you're running a traditional Internet you really don't want. You shouldn't be putting it on the public Internet anyway. But if you had to, for some reason

You can still even further block access to it. We include two factor authentication and castle. We have activity audit logs, so you can see who's being doing what on the site.

OMG :see_no_evil:

Garbage in, garbage out :zipper_mouth_face:

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