Listing content of user, Plone Classic (6), 'next' page shows 'everybodys content'

I added a new Plone 6 site and added 20 pages with user1

If I list all content of 'user1', and click on 'next page' (which is supposed to show page11 to 20), other users are in the list.

I tried the same on demo plone and got the same results, but it is a multilingual site, so maybe that is the reason.

Can anyone confirm this and I will 'report it'.

how do you list "all content of user1"

For example: On a page which shows author, you click on the authors name. Click on that, then click on 'all content'

For example: Open a document, click on the author name , at bottom of page, click 'all content created by xxxxx'. /author/someone

Yes, I confirm this is happening. It also happens on the plone demo site.

Login as admin/admin.

Click on this link to get all content created by "admin".

Hover mouse over next page link, and it looks reasonable.

Click on that link, and the problem occurs - redirected to this link that does not include the "Creator" requirement.