List of tested and production-ready tiles for Plone 5.1?

Is there somewhere a list of working, tested and production-ready tiles for Mosaic? In particular I can not find anything building a standard slider, a slide show, including video (either stored inside Plone or you YT)?


The short answer is no.
However, there are some "theme-fragment" based tiles that are shipped with collective.multitheme.

They are definitely alpha, but I think they represent a good starting point, if you don't mind adding collective.themefragments to your stack. Since they are theme fragments, you could easily make use of them outside of the context of collective.multitheme.


There are

I tried the unite gallery tile on 5.0.x and 5.1.x, but there are a lot of JS errors, so not usable right now. I'll try to take a look at this.

We are currently working on some more generic tiles. I'm still hoping that some castle tiles will be extracted and made available for the community.

I really like the themefragments and c.multitheme approach. Just cut and paste what you need into your theme. At the end of the day you have to integrate these kinds of frontend code into your theme anyway. Having them as seperate plugins like collective.tiles.* approach just increases the risks of breaking things over time IMO, makes the customisation of tiles harder and makes the initial install process more complicated.

With multitheme and good base docker image with a few key plugins and you never need to deploy again except for security patches (and even that could be built into the docker restart process). No buildouts harmed in the process. Plone is webmaster friendly once again!

Great work guys.

Sorry but this complete mockery.

The situation is a mess. Regarding Mosaic: there is actually nothing stable available for images, slideshow,s banner, video..basic functionality that is working on Wordpress out of the box. I only checked the unitegallery title from the list of tiles above...Javascript errors directly after the installation.

Ok, back to my old "friend" collective.cover. I installed c.c 1.6.5b2 and broke it directly within minutes (two errors reported).

Conclusio: lots of unfinished, broken and tinkered implementations. Nothing that one can show to customers, nothing that you could charge customers for...the situation is very, very sad.


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as I've said many times in the past, collective.cover is not supported in Plone 5 and will not be supported until somebody wants to pay for that or somebody wants to fix it.

we're using it in hundreds of Plone 4.3 sites and is working very well, very stable and with configurable general tiles that reduce the need to create specialized ones.

latest release fix a nasty bug that was causing exponential growth of object size when using versioning (and and lots of modifications on the layout:

thank you very much, I have updated the list of pending issues:

we're to make a huge refactoring of the static resources using @rodfersou ideas before the end of the year, that will solve some of the JS issues, I guess.:

we're going to use this:

I have spent a lot of time on this, running into all kinds of different problems.
That said: I think a lot of the 'misbehavior' has been fixed in, block etc.

Making a tile is very easy, so maybe you can make one yourself.

I can not see any reason to make a 'gallery' tile until the 'upload' functionality is something like castle.cms (or wordpress... they use a similar approach)

Then please add this information clearly to the documentation.
The changelog refers multiple times to Plone 5 and perhaps think about your release policy with only alphas and betas released without having a single final release of collective.cover.


Again, you're neither getting the point nor understanding the problem from a business prospective.

You can basically show only a bare Plone 5.1 to potential customer because functionality that available in our competing systems is just not available or in broken or fragile state. The time of upfront investings with Plone is long over because there is huge risk that a potential customer does not chose Plone....traditional chicken-egg problem.


WHAT? I'll come back on this later :laughing:

We added

The first slider is based on responsiveslides.js.


(The theme add's the option for a "banner" row style for mosaic, and diazo moves all "banner" rows into the header).

Interesting. I skimmed through the code and it looks like this could be converted to a theme fragment pretty easily.
The challenge is to somehow make it easy for the people to include the Diazo rule that does the "banner row" fanciness. Even for normal use, before trying to port it to themefragments, it seems the "banner row" capability depends on integrating the header.xml (
from the it-spirit theme.

I don't know if that is good or bad, just concerned about making it easier for the average user.

The slider was first embedded in the Barceloneta NG theme, and then extracted again to be reused with multiple themes. Look at 0.3 tag: (you can see there how to have a content selection widget working for fragment tiles).

Why did we extract it again: mostly because of re-usability. Also, what happens when you deactivate your theme? The slider is gone.

I love theme fragments, don't get me wrong, but I only use them for theme specific things. Not general things (like a slideshow, a map, a contact form), but something like a pricing column which can be so different from theme to theme (markup etc).

Not sure about that...

I have spent days trying to figure out how to include 'several related items' in themefragment settings... I just can't get it to work.

Usually, I end up with something like....

'No converter for making <z3c.relationfield.relation.RelationValue object at 0x7f9fd0e8c0c8> (<class 'z3c.relationfield.relation.RelationValue'>) JSON compatible.

Or can only see the UIDs in a widget.

If anyone could help, it would be great (it is driving me mad)

I want to close the discussion with our decision to do not use Mosaic in this project. Our customer found Mosaic too fragile and not very appealing to use (he used the term „imposition“). I am also not happy from the backend prospective. Various issues and not a good foundation for a solid project. We will go for a more traditional approach and a more specific solution that fits the required design and layout needs.

Take a look at the slider example in the Barceloneta NG theme, tag 0.3.

Not sure if I understand you here (I already have the Relation Field working with a Choice Field, I am struggling with making a Relation List )

With a 'normal theme', I think it should be possible to add a List (or Tuple) with Relation Fields, making it possible to choose images 'form everywhere'.
With a theme fragment, I am not sure it that is possible.

The best approach in my opinion would be if it was possible to add images to the tile (itself), like castle.cms does… not sure how difficult it would be to port those tiles to Plone.

Are there any requirements / version pins I should use?

I installed it, and selected 3 images, but all images on the site is rendered. (log in ploner / themer2017 if you want to see the settings)

OK I missed that part. But a choice field was totally fine for the slider. You could point to a folderish object or a collection and the @@contentlisting then returns all image objects. That is pretty powerful and doable with restricted python ttw.