List of best Plone Add-ons updated

The awesome-plone list of recommended add-ons for Plone is updated:

At Buschenschank-Sprint we found time and motivation to update it. Everything that did not support Python 3 or was considered to be not awesome enough got removed. The current items in the list were discussed and agreed on during the sprint. That does not mean it is complete or 100% correct.
So: Feel free to contribute to the list by creating a pull-request. If you are too lazy for that just write "Why the **** did you forget xyz?" as a comment here and I'll add it to the list. If it is awesome.

I also submitted awesome-plone to the official awesome-list: Add Plone by pbauer · Pull Request #2267 · sindresorhus/awesome · GitHub


Cool, there is some good stuff here. I have been using GitHub - collective/collective.elasticsearch: Plone ElasticSearch Integration for years. Even though it has a meta tag of python==2.7 it actually seems to work as expected in python 3. I wonder if they just need to update the tags? I also hadn't heard of GitHub - collective/collective.elastic.plone: Plone part of ElasticSearch index so I'm curious to see what their philosophy is for integrating Plone with ES and how these two packages differ.