Links in folder_content not working under Chrome

I don't know if it has been already mentionned somwhere but it seems that under Chrome in folder_contents view, it's not possible to click on a link in the content list. It behaves like reordering.
It's working fine on firefox.
Plone v. 5.0.6

May you file such issues as a bug at as well?

Is this an issue in 5.1-latest too?

Done! But I wanted to know if someone had the same issue before posting on github.

I haven't tested with 5.1.

I confirm it in 5.0.6 and coredev.

I confirm it in 5.0.4, 5.0.7 and 5.0.8.

What are the errors in your browser console?

No errors in console. When I click a Folder link, this is draggable but not clickable.

The console is attached.

Please file that in the tracker if it's not already there.

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