Likert Scale field for Easyform?

I'm migrating some forms from PloneFormGen to EasyForm and a few of them have the Likert scale field. Is there an equivalent field or widget for Easyform? Running Plone 5.2.6/Python 3.8

Are you sure you need 'something special' ?
I would do this with (for example) radio buttons and CSS.

We might, we might not. The client already had this field on existing forms and I wanted to verify there wasn't something else already out there before we started looking into other solutions. The key is to make it easy to implement by a content editor TTW.

If you ask the content editor to always name the field 'in a certain way', you could style it with CSS.

For example 'likert-somename'

(and you can style it with [class^="likert-"]

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