Lightweight Restful API... Sensible use case for Rapido?

I'm doing some experiments with Rapido. I'm wondering if the following scenario makes sense in Rapido.

  1. Capture data from a form (only available to administrators)
  2. Serve that data via a restful api (implemented in Rapido)
  3. Consume the data with a view built with React or Angular but served as a Rapido zpt/html template

There should also be a way to remove the data after a few days as it is only useful for a few days.

It feels like I should be doing filesystem development on this one but I wanted to get a feel for the boundaries of Rapido.

@ebrehault any thoughts?

Rapido can be done in the filesystem. Same as diazo can.
I don't see why you can't do it this way. It's certainly easier when you have instant reload of code and less boiler plate.

@pigeonflight oh yes you can totally do that.
Few comments:

  • the form can be done manually as a Rapido template (html or .pt), but it can also be done with collective.easyform
  • the restful API is built-in in Rapido, so no need to implement it, but if you need a specific endpoint, a basic Rapido element returning a dictionnary (or any serializable object) will do.
  • I do not recommand to put the JS directly in a Rapido template, it is better to create a separated .js file in the rapido app folder and load it using a tag

@ebrehault, @djay
It seems I will have to do this experiment in the near future. Thanks for the feedback.

The Glossary use case looks like a good starting point for this: