Lessc error, on barceloneta using multitheme

Hi , following the You Tube tutorial on how to chenge the color on a copy Multitheme theme
Compiling theme.less throws the following error:

Error: .navtree-level-loop is undefined

Downloading a zip file on my computer and executing:

lessc theme.less theme.css

on "multitheme/less/dutchblue"

Throws the following error:

NameError: .navtree-level-loop is undefined in https://raw.githubusercontent.com/plone/plonetheme.barceloneta/master/plonetheme/barceloneta/theme/less/portlets.plone.less on line 146, column 3:
145 }
146 .navtree-level-loop(@plone-portlet-navtree-maxlevel);
147 }

This is on plone 5.1.2

I'd appreciate any idea of what might be happening

Thank you !

I was getting a similar error, I created this PR: https://github.com/plone/plonetheme.barceloneta/pull/168

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