Lead image from PDF

Does anybody know of (or have perhaps developed) an add-on that can be used to automatically create a lead image for a file item from the pdf that gets uploaded? Specifically for Plone 5.2.

You can create a subscriber that converts the PDF's first page to an image, and configure the subscriber to be run when the file is created.

In the past, and for large migrations, we have created images from PDF files using command line tools like pdfimages


I once used collective.pdfpeek in Plone 4.3 ... there was dexterity support added in 2.0 but I didn't test that: GitHub - collective/collective.pdfpeek: Generate image previews of PDF files uploaded to Plone

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Thanks everybody. That gives us a good starting point.

I looked into this to get a quote togeather (not accepted) and found the following, none of which are volto compatible.

If we built it, what we'd do is make some content actions

  • queue action - makes the rest of the rule run in a worker instance instead
    • could be added to collective.taskqueue2?
  • doc-preview action. - creates an image of the document (pdf) and uploads it to specified field (default to volto preview image field)
    • could be added to eea.converter?

Should be more future proof and flexible.