Latest Plone Classic - Descriptions below fields

It it just me or was this change intended? Where can I find out why, how, etc?

Screenshot from 2023-07-04 14-18-34

This is the HTML:

<div class="mb-3 field fieldname-form.widgets.dummy_text widget-mode-input False" id="formfield-form-widgets-dummy_text" data-fieldname="form.widgets.dummy_text">
  <label class="form-label" for="form-widgets-dummy_text">
    A TextLine field
  <input class="form-control text-widget textline-field" id="form-widgets-dummy_text" name="form.widgets.dummy_text" type="text" value="xxxx">
  <div class="form-text">the description of this field should be next to the title</div>

Hmm... I see now that this is also the case on an older Plone 6 site. I guess I need to pay more attention. Would still be interested to know when this change happened.

It "Muskifies" the layout of fieldtypes like MultiWidget and DatagridField... Causing the user to have to scroll to the bottom of the field to view its description. I don't particularly like the result for screenreaders either.

But now I understand what happened... This is the default Bootstrap positioning.

You can return to the original behavior by adding the override in which you move the div class="form-text"... before the input.
The current state is following the bootstrap documentation for form hints: Forms · Bootstrap v5.3

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It is also present with 'Collective.Easyform' in Plone 6 (from early versions), but also in 5.2.10. (I hid it with CSS because I thought it was a bug coming from my own theme). I can not remember if it was 'somewhere else', since the site I set up in 5.2.10 was basically 'only Easyforms'.

The approach @pbauer posted works fine for my use case. I overrode the tal template in my theme and moved the HTML elements. An xlt rule in Diazo could also work for this. CSS of course too, but it would be my last resort.