Last call for PyCon 2017 organizing / marketing team

Continuing the discussion from Plone at PyCon 2017:

PyCon is May 17-25, so coming up soon. Will you be attending PyCon?

If you're interested in attending, helping in the booth, organizing t-shirts, or other Plone marketing related activity please reply below or email me

Last year we gave out at least 30 special Plone t-shirts to many current and former Plonistas who were attending and who helped us do a very big (and effective) guerrilla marketing campaign by wearing the t-shirts during and after @cewing's keynote.

We also gave out a very popular Plone multitool, and a Boston Ploneconf 2016 coaster.

The theme we ran with last year was security.

Please help if you'll be there!

I'll be attending again this year. Hope to see lots of happy Plonistas (past, present and future) there.


I'll be there, as well.


Thx! @cganz is taking the lead on this and will be emailing you (and any others who respond here or to me via email).