Join the Zope Sprint at September, 21st and 22nd of 2023 in Halle, Germany

Earl Zope is already a long time inhabitant of the. Living here for some years with the help of his friends, he sometimes looks back to the “good old times” but mostly enjoys his current live with all its surprises and unexpected turns.

Gocept invites you to sprint for Earl Zope’s future well-being: 21st till 22nd of September 2023 in the SaltLabs of Halle, Germany. Participants of the sprint are also invited to join the gocept-23 party at 23rd of September 2023.

This sprint will the last one hosted by gocept as the company will go new ways by the end of the year. To join, please register via (After registering for the sprint, you’ll get the party invitation.)

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@icemac Could you please give some agenda? What are we planning to work on? Will there be discussions about how the Zope universe will be maintained in future as gocept goes new ways?