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Hi all, here's something from the Plone marketing and communications team: the resurrection of the Plone Newsletter!

As the name says it, this is a periodic roundup of Plone announcements, happenings, events, posts. And by periodic we mean like a handful times a year, so don't worry about it filling your inbox every day.

The first newsletter will be posted in the near future, but first we need subscribers. So if you are interested, go to the sign up page on:

Notice that you will receive a verification link in your email after submitting the form.

PS. if you notice anything worth mentioning about how the sign in works, please tell us at

PPS. Feel free to tell your friends about this :blush:

This is good to see. I have a few suggestions for improvement.

The page lacks complete instructions of what to do, specifically not just check mail sent from Plone Communications <>, but to click the "Confirm your email" link in the message.

The page should state to allow mail from to keep it out of spam.

It's clumsy that you need to check a box to opt in, as if entering your email and clicking the Subscribe button is not adequate. Is that some GDPR requirement?

It's verbose, repeating "events", "updates", and other items. It could be shortened and focused.

When entering an email address, and clicking the button, this message appears, as a poor imitation of Steve Jobs.

One more thing
Please chek your email to confirm joining the newsletter.

The message should align with complete instructions.

Finally check that you have configured the delivery service and DNS so that these messages don't end up in spam for Gmail and Yahoo accounts. See Email sender guidelines - Google Workspace Admin Help. You can look at the Authentication-Results header to diagnose what happened.

Authentication-Results:; iprev=pass policy.iprev=""; spf=pass smtp.mailfrom="" smtp.helo=""; dkim=pass; dkim=pass; dmarc=none (p=nil; dis=none)


Yeah, GDPR in Europe needs that. I agree it is clumsy :frowning:

Thanks for all the suggestions for improvement, well fix those and get it running!

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well it's more the interpretation which say so.
GDPR does not say put a checkbox, it says you have to option-in and not silently register, for example when you order something.
From my point of view a put your email here and press subscribe is probably enough.

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