Job Offer: Plone / Volto Developers (m/f/d) @kitconcept

Hi, we are looking for two new colleagues to join our team at kitconcept.

Who we are

  • We are an international team of ten web developers (including well-known and long-term active Plone community members like Victor Fernandez de Alba and Timo Stollenwerk)
  • Offices in Bonn (Germany) and Barcelona (Catalonia)
  • Work happens both at our offices and remotely (depending mostly on the personal preferences)
  • Day-to-day communication language is English

What we do

  • Building websites and intranets with Plone (Volto/Plone 6 almost exclusively these days) as well as custom web applications and mobile apps
  • Our clients are mostly from the public sector (universities, research institutions, government bodies, etc.) as well as from the corporate sector (media, industry, health, etc.)
  • Amongst others, we take care of the website and the intranet of one of the highest-profile German federal agencies as well as the internet and intranet of one of the largest research institutions in Europe (check out our case study from WPD 2021
  • Our clients are mostly based in Germany but we also work with clients from Europe, the US, and Japan.

Why you might want to work with us

  • Passionate: We are passionate about what we do and how we do it
  • Plone Core Contributors: We are heavily involved in the Plone community and long-term Plone contributors and core developers
  • Sharing Knowledge: We are constantly sharing our knowledge within the team and the Open Source communities and we are constantly learning and adopting new technologies at the same time
  • Community: If you aren’t already part of the Plone community, we will encourage and help you become part of it and feel at home (one of the first things that our new colleagues usually do is signing the Plone contributor agreement)
  • Innovative: We are the driving force behind lots of innovations in the Plone community, most recently: Volto and Plone 6
  • Open Source: We have a Open Source by default policy and share our work with the Open Source community as much as possible and encourage colleagues to do the same
  • Community Events: We regularly organize Open Source events, such as conferences ( ), sprints (e.g. the Beethoven Sprint series: kitconcept - Plone Beethoven Sprint 2019 | kitconcept GmbH Blog ), local meetups ( and barcamps (
  • Work-Life-Balance: We take care of our colleagues and our team. We try to avoid working over hours as much as possible and encourage and help you to ensure a healthy work-life balance. Nobody can be productive and produce the high-quality results that we expect when being overworked
  • Family-friendly: We are family-friendly (most of our senior staff has family and kids and we know it is important to be at home for dinner in time, we understand that when your kid is sick this is the most important thing in the world to take care of at that moment)

What we offer

  • A fixed, unlimited, full-time contract
  • Option to work part-time (e.g. 80%)
  • Modern hardware (Apple MacBook Air/Pro M1, large high-resolution screen, etc.)
  • Free conferences (Ploneconf, React Europe, etc.)
  • Being part of a kick-ass team of dedicated professionals and the opportunity to grow together with us!

What we are looking for

Disclaimer: we are looking for two positions, applicants wouldn’t necessarily be able to fulfill all those requirements.

  • Experience with Web Technologies (HTML, CSS, SASS/LESS, responsive design, etc.)
  • Experience with Plone and Python
  • Experience with REST APIs (preferably Plone REST API)
  • Experience with modern JavaScript frontend frameworks (preferably React)
  • Experience with Volto/Plone 6 would be a big plus
  • Experience with agile software development (SCRUM, Kanban) would be a plus
  • Experience with testing, TDD, CI/CD would be a plus
  • Experience with large-scale migrations and transmogrifier
  • Experience with administrating and running *NIX-based server systems. Experience with container-based solutions would be a plus
  • Experience with doing project management (agile, SCRUM, etc.) would be nice to have but not necessary
  • Willingness to learn is more important than years of experience
  • Good communication skills and in general a nice person to be around with
  • Fluent in English (both written and spoken)
  • Speaking German or willingness to learn it would be a big plus
  • Being able to work in one of our offices in Bonn or Barcelona would be a plus (we would offer help with the relocation and relocation costs)


If you are interested let’s just talk over a virtual (or real) coffee. We are friendly folks! Drop us a note via or feel free to reach out to us directly:

Timo Stollenwerk (CEO)
Twitter: @timostollenwerk
Plone Community: @tisto

Victor Fernandez de Alba (CTO)
Twitter: @sneridagh
Plone Community: @sneridagh


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