Jenkins runners are broken

can someone please kick the runners on back to life?

I temporarily disabled the broken node 2. It should be restarted and re-activated.

Node 2 seems to have run out of disk space.
Could someone cleanup or disable node 2, thanks!

Pinging @pbauer and/or @gforcada

they are both back to live

Seems like node2 has run out of disk (again):

Do we have some kind of monitoring on it? Can folks on the admin team help?

Look like 40GB are not enough anymore for a Jenkins node. Whats recommended? I can resize our disk-image.

[edit] see also

Can we double it?

I can. But if it fills up after some time b/c of some missing cleanup it does now help much.

The jenkins 5.2 on py3.8 pull request builder is currently segfaulting on every build. Is that a new thing or could it have to do with the issues mentioned here?

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I also got the Segfault:

@gforcada @jensens who else can manage these? Let me know so we have more people who can respond?

I will try to have a look at night. More manpower is always welcome, nobody offered so far

@gforcada I did above but it got lost

I will DM you

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