Jdatatables modules and the resource registry

Hi Developers!

Jdatatables comes in a bunch of modules which are linked to each other by requireJS. Usualy these modules were delivered as a single datatables.net.js file with a structure like:

# Module datatables.net
define('datatables.net', ('jquery', ..

# Module datatables_select
define('datatables_select', (''datatables.net', 'jquery', ..)

# Module datatables_xxx
define('datatables_xxx', (''datatables.net', 'jquery', ..)

I have managed to to require the main module "datatables.net" from my JS code (a mockup pattern for encapsulate the whole datatables stuff) utilizing the plone resource registry by creating a resource for the datatables.net.js and datatables.net.css file. From my pattern I require datatables.net like:

], function ($, Base, Registry, Datatables) {

This works flawlessly and can be compiled via the build button in the plone ressource registry.

Now to my two questions:

  1. Despite having the datatables.net.css file registered in the same ressource as the datatables.net.js file and the datatables.net.js is loaded correctly the css is not loaded automatically. To load the CSS I have to import it manually via the less file of my pattern.less file.

    @import (inline) "@{inqbus_mailcenter_resources}datatables/datatables.net.css";

Is this the intended behavior of the resource registry? What am I doing wrong?

  1. Despited having the datatables_select module (with the same requieredJS structure) in the same js file as the datatables.net and despite the JS code for the datatables_select module is available in the resulting resource bundle I cannot require this module

     ], function ($, Base, Registry, Datatables, Datatables_select) {

If I try to compile this requirement the ressource registry looks unsuccessfull for a file "datatables_select.js" which is (no wonder) not available.

One obvious workaround would be to break up the datatables.net.js file into a bunch of files 'datatabels.net.js', 'datatables_select.js', and so on. Aside from having a lot of work I am quite sure that this behavior of the resource registry is not intended. After parsing the "datatables.net.js" file the requireJS machinery has seen the definition of the module "datatales_select". And therefore has enough information to find the URL to the module if it is required.

I am a big fan of modularism but in times the JS packages become larger every day the solution of putting each requiredJS definition in a single file cannot be the answer.

So what is the way to go here?

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