JavaScript testing best practices for Plone

What is the current state of art for testing JS based functionality of Plone?

For long we loved everything to be runnable through zope.testrunner. But AFAIK , related to JS based functionality, we can currently only run acceptance tests thorugh zope.testrunner (via RobotFramework and Selenium).

But how about JS unittests?

For some time ago we did have experimental BusterJS integration for zope.testrunner created at Sea Sprint and those tests were even run at for some time.

But BusterJS seems to be abandoned a year ago and the current black is testing with a webpack based setup.

What should we prefer and what is currently supported by /cc @tisto @gforcada

So far we are using Robotframework as you mention but regarding JS Unittests we only have what's from mockup: which is using grunt + karma. But I'm fine with anything as long as it can be scripted and reports standard output for jenkins :smile:

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