Jamaica to Catalonia - Crowdfunding for the 2017 Plone Conference

Myself and @b4oshany would love to attend this year's Plone conference in Catalonia. I've been invited to be part of the training team and @b4oshany has lots to share about his GSoC experiences. So we're trying to "crowdfund" our way there.
The link below explains all.


Quick update.
We've received $305 so far. As we say in Jamaica "every mickle mek a muckle" which roughly translates to "small amounts combined become big amounts" (reference: http://jamproverbs.blogspot.com/2013/09/every-mickle-mek-muckle.html).

Thanks to our first contributors Nathan Van Gheem, Stephan Klinger, SĂ©bastien Verbois and Asko Soukka (I wasn't able to get permission to mention the other two contributors).

It looks like our expenses can be covered with less than we originally budgeted. I've updated the blog post -> http://blog.dbain.com/2017/09/two-plonistas-trying-to-get-from.html

Thread Update 2.
We're at 11% of our goal with less than 10 sponsors. I just sent out an appeal to a personal list of Plone peeps, let's see what happens. http://blog.dbain.com/2017/09/two-plonistas-trying-to-get-from.html

What happens with the money if we miss the goal?


If it isn't used towards the trip I return it.
So there's the possibility of getting to 70% or so and topping it up.

I'm ok not getting my donation back, as I trust David will do something good and Plone-related with it.

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Me too.

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:ok_hand: whatever happens I'll still reach out to each sponsor for their feedback.

Update 3
We're 15% funded with 10 sponsors. New sponsors include: Fulvio Casali, Kim Nguyen and Cris Ewing. Also I sent out an appeal to my twitter followers.

Update 4
We are now 25% funded with 11 sponsors. Thanks to our latest sponsor Jean Jordaan (@jean).
I tweeted information about the crowd fund yesterday (also @tkimnguyen sent out a tweet).

Every "mickle mek a muckle" (every little bit counts) :slight_smile: http://blog.dbain.com/2017/09/two-plonistas-trying-to-get-from.html

Update 5
Oshane has been offered a place to stay when he gets to the conference. This reduces our target further and means that we are now about 30% funded.


Update 6 - 39% funded + found cheaper flights
With the help of Google flights we've found some cheaper flights*, thanks for the tip @tkimnguyen.

With this new information we've adjusted our target further downwards (still working with the assumption that we purchase our tickets this week). With the adjustments and recent backers @pbauer, @esteele and @ebrehault we're now 39% there.

Thanks to all those who have helped to fund this so far. At 39% funded we're seeing enough "daylight" to go ahead and purchase our plane tickets this week.


... * tip: I've found Sunday to Monday airfare cheaper than Saturday to Sunday airfare and, in general, weekday travel is cheaper than weekend travel.

Update 7 - 42% funded

We are now at 42%, thanks to our latest sponsor @tmassman. We extended the crowdfunding effort for a day, perhaps we can get to at least 50%. In the meantime I'm sending out an update to my twitter followers.

Update 8 - 51% funded and extending the campaign to September 27

Firstly thanks to our most recent sponsor Mikko Ohtamaa. We've further adjusted some of our assumptions regarding transportation, we will be walking most of the time so we won't have to spend as much on ground transportation. We've decided to extend the crowdfunding campaign until September 27. At the same time we're still going to purchase our plane tickets in the next couple days as the prices will only go up over the coming weeks. http://blog.dbain.com/2017/09/two-plonistas-trying-to-get-from.html

If you can, please pitch in, we've received support ranging from $5 to $450.

Update 9 - 54% funded

We're 54% there, just 46% to go :)! http://blog.dbain.com/2017/09/two-plonistas-trying-to-get-from.html.

Update 10 - 55% funded

We're now 55% funded and 5 days to go http://blog.dbain.com/2017/09/two-plonistas-trying-to-get-from.html

Update 11 - 57% funded

We're at 57% of our target thanks to @davilima6 our latest contributor. http://blog.dbain.com/2017/09/two-plonistas-trying-to-get-from.html

Update 12 - 60% funded + funding and support from the Plone foundation (via Google Summer of Code) and the organizers of the Barcelona conference = 100% funded :slight_smile:

Two Jamaicans will be on their way to Barcelona tomorrow (our itinerary gets us there on Sunday). Oshane Bailey @b4oshany heads out from Kingston tomorrow morning and I depart from California via the Oakland Airport. Donations from Virginia Choy and Dylan Jay (@djay) of PretaGov got us to the 60% mark. Thanks to all the Plonistas that have chipped in (those that we named and those who gave anonymously).

Looking forward to a great Plone conference.