Jamaica 2016 Sprint - January 4 - 7

Here's the information page for the Jamaica 2016 Theming Documentation Sprint.
More information to follow.

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Very cool. I really wish I could attend but I'll be gone at this time.

Thanks for the feedback Nathan. This is helpful... putting it out there to get a provisional head count soon.

Could you give us a rough idea of a budget, including PythonJamaica?

I've updated the page and also added a link to a page with instructions on getting to Treasure Beach from our major airports.
Getting to the location from one of the airports will cost about US$50 per person. Accommodation per person will be roughly US$45 per day and the cost of meals will average between $15 and $55 per day depending on your choice of meals.

Even if you're less than 100% sure of making it to the Jamaica Plone Sprint join and say your percentage likelihood (unless it's 0%)


If you're coming from the US, you'll be interested to know that a Fort Lauderdale to Montego Bay return trip is very affordable.