ITONBOARD is online

Our ITONBOARD portal, providing information about IT onboarding for young people, teachers, and entrepreneurs is online.

We provide

  • an escape game for career orientation,
  • an IT interest test,
  • a guideline for teachers for a project week in schools,
  • an e-learning platform providing insights into different basic professional fields in IT (with a focus on FOSS),
  • a guideline for Blended Remote Internships in IT
  • an internship exchange platform for IT companies.

The seed for this happened at the Plone Conference 2019 in Ferrara, when Stefania (Abstract) and Jörg (Interaktiv) and Christine (Klein & Partner) found together to tackle the problem of finding young talents for the Plone community, our companies and the (FOSS) IT sector overall. Then we found partners (IFcenter/Talentbrücke) as experts in the onboarding/paedagogic sector and it became an Erasmus+ project funded by the European Union.

Come to our website,

  • look around,
  • have a look at the internship guideline (some names in the interviews are well known here)
  • add your company (we started, need help here, the list is almost empty),
  • spread the word, and tell teachers of your kids about the excellent learning material and the escape game!

(btw, the Site a Plone 6 ClassicU)


I forgot, if you want to watch the video of out live event, it is available here ITONBOARD Go-live Event - YouTube