Issue with WebServerAuth Add-on

Created issue in GitHub Repo regarding the issue. (I am not allowed to add links here): /collective/Products.WebServerAuth/issues/1

WebServerAuth not installing properly:

Plone installed with:

Plone 5.2.0
Python 3.6.8

webserverauth installs and creates folder in portal_skins but does not contain the login_form Filesystem Controller Page Template

web_server_auth (WebServerAuth Plugin) does not appear in acl_users after Add-on activation/install

Any assistance and/or guidance is appreciated.


Hello Joshua, welcome to the online community website. This Plone add'on doesn't seem to have been updated in the last years and there is a very good chance it hasn't been checked or updated yet for Python3.

My colleague @mauritsvanrees presented three different PAS authentication plugins he has written for customers in the last year. One of them is I think a good substitution for WebServerAuth. Check his blog and the repo:



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Pas plugins don't change so often, and last modification was about Plone 5. My bet is the setup don't run, maybe running the profile by hand in portal_quickinstaller should work.

Thanks for the suggestion regarding pas.plugins.headers :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I am receiving an error, "ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'Globals''' in regards to pas.plugins.headers when starting the instance in foreground mode after running buildout. Researching the error now to see if I can get around it.

The deprecated module `Globals` was removed. Example:


import Globals
develoment_mode = Globals.DevelopmentMode


from App.config import getConfiguration
develoment_mode = getConfiguration().debug_mode


Yes, I am just looking at that. :slight_smile: Expect a PR soon.


I have released pas.plugins.headers 1.0.1 with a fix.


The update installs and everything appears to be working. Now onto working on connecting/adapting to our current authentication services. Thanks for the quick turnaround!


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Hi Joshua – I’ve bumped your permissions so you can post links now. (We had to tighten security to block spammers).

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