Issue running buildout and bin/instance fg for my plone environment startup

hello team, could someone explain why i am getting this error.. i have attempted to go through these steps -

1. Navigate into virtualenv
2. cd plone.restapi
3. buildout
4. bin/instance fg

and i have been stuck here.. please advise... thank you.

Is this a new install? Have you used buildout before? What instructions are you following?

thank you for your response Steve. No, I have not used buildout before and these are the instructions that I followed.

Where did you get those instructions? Got link?

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i got these instructions from someone in the community who was trying to help me with the my initial problem encountered when trying to set up

I notice you are on macOS on which Python requires some extra work for SSL certificates, please see if the solutions offered on macos - How to make Python use CA certificates from Mac OS TrustStore? - Stack Overflow. The accepted answer is fairly old and might not work any more I would suggest the most recent answer.