Issue in running a command

I am inside the documentation repo, I am facing error while running the make clean , make html commands.
PS C:\Users\itkof\OneDrive\Desktop\ॐ\documentation> make html
make: *** No rule to make target 'html'. Stop.
PS C:\Users\itkof\OneDrive\Desktop\ॐ\documentation>
make clean
make: *** No rule to make target 'clean'. Stop.
What should be done?
I am following this link : Contributing to documentation – Contributing to Plone — Plone Documentation v6.0

@07tAnyA, would you be interested in contributing to the documentation? If so, you can follow this link for guidance: [Link]

Make sure you have the required dependencies installed on your PC. You can find the necessary instructions in this link: Create a project – Install — Plone Documentation v6.0 . If you're planning to contribute to Plone's core repositories, I recommend using Ubuntu. Before diving into documentation contributions, take some time to read through the Plone documentation to gain a better understanding of the overall repositories.

Here is the correct link for Building and checking the quality of documentation.

That's for Training, not Documentation.

That's for creating a project using Plone, not for documentation.

@stevepiercy i will be careful next time.


@stevepiercy Lead I was following these steps earlier also that are mentioned in this file, I think this error is may be of my system. I am on windows.

@stevepiercy I have one idea, that along with the updation of documentation for No contents in the drop down arrow for selecting languages. · Issue #5664 · plone/volto · GitHub this, in the drop-down arrow we can give a direct link to the control panel. for ex: in the select your language, the options would be English, and 2nd would be Customize your language settings

Windows is not directly supported. You must use WSL or other Linux-based operating system. See Create a project – Install — Plone Documentation v6.0.

I should mention that in the documentation for documentation, too, so it is all in one place.

Authenticated administrators of a Plone site have access to the Site Setup, where all the control panels are displayed, from the user icon in the lower left. See also a11y - Icon for toolbar button "user" - cms ui · Issue #5119 · plone/volto · GitHub.

@07tAnyA pull request created:

Feedback on GitHub welcome. I don't know if you have permission to do a code review, but here's a good opportunity for you.

Yes, I reviewed the changes. It was easy to understand.

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@stevepiercy , I wanted to say something.
After looking what you did for the changes , I too was thinking of doing the same but where to do , I was stucked at that point.

Do you mean where to contribute to Plone 6 Documentation or one of its packages?

See Contributing to Plone — Plone Documentation v6.0 and related pages in that section.


@stevepiercy With respect to this PLIP , what do you think about iso format for this?


REST API returns this format for its Event content types.

    "created": "1995-07-31T13:45:00+00:00",

It has not yet been decided or discussed how to display that to the end user, other than include a timezone. I imagine that a localized datetime with timezone would be preferred, and Python has great support for formatting dates. A preferred format could be configured in the Date and Time Settings control panel with an arbitrary format code.

@stevepiercy Lead, we can just modify this "created": "1995-07-31T13:45:00+00:00" a little, based on the user's select input, like how they want to see this. Being a user, I would like to see the time as :Wednesday, 24-Jan, 1995 at 7:30 PM IST. This can be easily achieved by customizing the pre-existing iso-format using tostring ( Python's strftime syntax) function.