Issue building CSS

I am using Plone to make my website
so I created one theme for that
now I have to fix some changes like changing footer position and all
I am changing my css code in footer.less and barceloneta-compile.css
and then clicking on build css under tools but nothing happening
then I am saving it and going to check my website
no changes are reflected

What should I do??

@espenmn @tkimnguyen ^^ ? any solution?

I have had problems with unicode in the CSS / LESS, so I compile it manually.

You can try to remove most of the content of the file and try to compile it.

Typically, the parts containing

 content: "x";

gives problems (where x is a strange character)

okay btw I am developing from my local system I am doing directly from browser

can you tell me the reason why my changes done to css file is not reflecting on website?
suppose like colour change
not reflecting on website after compile and same on activated theme?

Try this link: Unicode error in Plone resourceditor

Maybe start with small changes to the less file only. We would need more info to figure out why nothing is happening. Which browser are you using? Do you see any errors in the browser console?

So I did very small change in barceloneta.plone.less file

Just very small change
This much only I added

Overflow: auto;

But then also things are not working

I am using Mozilla Firefox

@tkimnguyen Actually everytime I try to build my barceloneta compile.less file my system got hanged and didnt work why is it so?

No changes are reflecting dont know why?

my css code is fine as far as I think


what Plone Version are you using? Is there an error in your browser console?

No error is showing In my browser console and m using version 5.o
For plone also
I am handling someone's else project and doing it from browser only not from system

Which browser are you using?

What happens if you use a different browser?

Can you show exactly the before and after less file so we can see the context of what you’re changing?

It solved
Actually things are working in Chrome but not in Mozilla Firefox

Which version of Firefox?