Isn't `ctrl+s` a Volto's Block Editor shortcut, conflicts with it's default behaviour

Hello there,
I have been using Plone 6 and mainly its frontend Volto and something caught my eye , while using the Slate editor for adding a blog I use MOD+S (ctrl+s for me, a windows user) for adding a Strikethrough style but many times when the focus is not there pressing ctrl+s open page save dialog (as this is its default behavior in chrome ...dunno about other browsers) which is a BIT annoying.

MHO ctrl+d might be the better choice and maybe changing this shortcut may not be good for some who are habitual to it but considering Plone 6 has been released now I want to here some people's thoughts on it.

I'm in favour of changing it, conflicting with ctrl+s is not a good thing. But I couldn't find where it's defined: volto/config.jsx at bb35f5334d709d253a4e10e302c9768d767c5f75 · plone/volto · GitHub


Hi!, 'mod+s': { format: 'del', type: 'inline' }, maybe only changing mod+s to mod+d will work.

In my knowledge, this may not fail since we only need this if (isHotkey(shortcut, event)){ to return true for ctrl+d and not for ctrl+s and since we are using is-hotkey package, it will do so. love to hear ur feedback :slight_smile:

Also, I saw an Issue earlier about Editor's ALL CAPS font-style feels like it's shouting. perhaps its a good time to fix that too. Thanks!

You're correct. Please submit a PR!

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just my 0.02€: strike-through is on a editors importance list that low, it does not need a hot key at all.

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Agreed! but removing the shortcut will be a good UX?