Is there any addon for converting incoming emails to Plone content?

The aim is to have a Service Desk like feature for Plone, whereby members of the site can create blog post, comments and so forth directly from their emails.

The target audience is people who use email immensely like doctors, lawyers, governors, accountants, etc.

I was thinking of writing it and call it plone.ServiceDesk, but it's better to re-use than rebuilding the wheel.

Thus far, I know I am going to need an IMAP email service even if there is an existing addon or not. If I am going to build it, I'm assuming I would need an incoming email hook to act on the content and convert it to Plone content. Of course, this service desk system should provide the means of whitelisting and blacklisting emails so that spam does not get into the system in case the IMAP spam filtering service does not remove it.

Security will definitely be a concern.......

So yea, is there an addon for Plone 5 for this?

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Check and
Quaive uses the last one to create content sent to workspaces

We have one for Plone 4:

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Both of them seems to be over 6 years old. Are these packages compatible with Plone 5? I'm assuming, it might be, especially since the package executes on the command line or some form of task queue of Plone.

Wow, this is well documented. This is exactly what I need. Have you tested it out on Plone 5? I think its worth spending time making it Plone 5 and Python 3 compatible.

Thank you @alert and @Rotonen

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Well, ploneintranet runs on top of Plone5. So I think it should be possible to use them out of the box or with a little effort.

The service rohberg.mailin listens to incoming mails of defined mail accounts and sends a request to a Plone website. This creates content in Plone using restapi.
Just be careful opening the firewall.

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I use smtp2zope for a client on Plone 4.3. There it is used in combination with Products.Poi. The bridge between those is poi.receivemail which creates Poi issues or replies when a mail comes in. So if you go for smtp2zope this may contain some example code.
Haven't tried it on Plone 5.

@alert ell, ploneintranet runs on top of Plone5. So I think it should be possible to use them out of the box or with a little effort.

Right..... I'll take a look into ploneintranet....

For furthure insights on smtp2zope, does smtp2zope / slc.smtp2zope works similar to ftw.mail:

Mail-Inbound functionality for ftw.mail

The major feature of ftw.mail is the inbound mail functionality. Mail inbound allows you to send emails directly to your Plone site. An email sent to Plone will be extracted and created as mail contenttype automatically.


  • There must be a registered user with the sender email address
  • The user must have enough permissions to add a mail object in the folder
  • The email will be created with the security context of the sender

What is the email address? (ftw.mail)

The localpart of the email address is a unique identifier that identifies the respective folderish object. The default implementations uses the object's UUID. The mail-in address will automatically shown in a viewlet if ftw.mail.mail content type is addable.

Also, does smtp2zope handle uploading of attachments? I'm assuming it does since ploneintranet is using it. However, it's good to get verification. There's not much documentation on smtp2zope.

Interesting, thank you... It would be nice to package everything and document it....