Is there an example of a simple single page app for Plone 5.2?

Hi all,

I may be using an incorrect search term, but is there an example of a working, single page application in Plone 5.2?


Do you mean a website that has one tall/long front page? Is there something in particular you want to display?

On an iPhone you can be viewing a Plone site in Safari and when you add it to your Home Screen it acts as a progressive web app.

YES! One page that could be long. I need to have staff collect samples in the field, have a way to save simple location id, time, date, and temperature (to browser localstorageā€¦if this is best) then load to the server when back in range.

I have a very hack-tastic version right now but I would love to see a working example.

Also, thank you for verifying iPhone safari can do this! We must use iPhones here and will be the devices that staff have with them.

Is there a working example that anyone has that I can view?

Thank you so much!


Ah, thanks for clarifying. It's not a problem for a Plone front page to be very tall/long nor for the site to behave like a single page web app, but I'm not aware of a way for a Plone (out of the box) web app to let you collect data then sync those data automatically when there is a network connection again. But that doesn't mean someone else here hasn't seen or implemented such a thing...

I used Epicollect5 for exactly this purpose.

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Thank you! Seems perfect! I will try it out and post back any successes and failures.


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