Is there a list of Plone 5 compatible add-ons?

or do I have to find them through trial and error?

here you are:

some of them may be mistakenly listed; collective.js.cycle2, for instance.

BTW, the list is almost empty: guys, if you have an add-on working under Plone 5, please update your classifiers.

Go to

There are two links to pypi: one for all Plone add-ons, one for all P5-compatible add-ons.

But as Hector says, we need to update add-on keywords when we know they work with P5.

only 7 add-ons? see, seems that indeed we have a problem.

@3dogMcNeill FWIW, while the pypi link given by Hector has over 150 addons listed, many of them are core packages and then there are a bunch of packages that are probably compatible but not classified correctly... I just fixed a bunch of projects myself...

Years ago we made a set of marketing mistakes:

  • we used company-related or customer-related namespace (I was pro that side and I was terribly wrong)
  • for community packages we choosed the name "collective", which mean nothing.
    Something like would have been a better choice. Kotty community use a very simple approach to list compatible add-ons: a search for "kotti_" on the cheeseshop. No pollution by core packages.

Is the idea ended?

No, but we have not been able to make progress on it. Unfortunately the judges are all people who are overcommitted! So we need to reboot the effort.

thank you!

ah, finally I learn where "collective" came from!