Is plone faster than WordPress?

I am going to start my business website for my balloons delivery service in New Jersey and would like to get expert suggestions from the community experts. Is Plone faster than WordPress? I will love your experienced replies. Thanks. I am newbie in the development.

Everything can be made fast to almost whatever degree you need regarding caching, CDN etc.
So the question does not make much sense. Comparing WP vs. Plone is like comparing a car with a tank. And Plone is unlikely the right choice for a typical company page.


If you want your site to be really fast I would go for no CMS at all, static HTML, home made CSS, minimal JS, served by a fast webserver. You may want to add a CDN.

If it comes to Wordpress or Plone, both can be blazing fast with the right configuration.

Plone is different from Wordpress. So, what is better, a banana or an apple? Holidays on Hawaii or in Nepal? It depends on what you want to achieve.

Plone is secure, mature, flexible, long-lasting, it scales, supports many editors in huge hierarchical structures. It has a modern, adaptable React based UI or - you choose - a old style server side rendered one. You need some of this? Then Plone is a good choice.

Just to look for the fastest is a weak criteria, I bet you would choose the wrong system.


Based on your need "balloon delivery" here's an AI-generated checklist:

  • Easy navigation
  • Online ordering
  • Variety of options
  • Customization of orders
  • Clear pricing and payment options
  • Multiple delivery options
  • Real-time tracking and updates
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Customer reviews and testimonials
  • Mobile responsiveness

You could achieve this with either Plone or Wordpress. though I have worked with both platforms, I wouldn't use either to pull this off in 2023.
I'd go for something from the no-code ecosystem.

There are definitely situations where Plone is the right choice, I'm not sure if this is one of them.

In terms of speed, out of the box, Plone is likely faster but, as @jensens has pointed out, that isn't a good enough requirement by itself.


If a website was a car, it sometimes depends more on what kind of stuff you fill the car with (not just the speed of the car itself).
A lot of developers adds all kind of plugins to Wordpress, which really slows it down. Done properly, they will both be fast enough. Focus on writing good, explaing text about your business. If your text is very informative for people, it will eventually probably rank OK on google. (= Dont use time on any SEO optimalisation stuff you read about online, until everything on the site is well, written, informative, easy to navigate etc. Text should explain what you do (so if you sell ballons in New Jersey, you need to write 'We sell ballons in New Jersey or similar)

If you just want a basic site with some text and some images and you plan to do it yourself, I would go for Wordpress (but not because of 'speed' of site, more 'time it takes to make a site'. That said: Wordpress requires a bit more maintanance (at least if you add all kinds of add-ons/plugins) .

If you want to add logic to your site, Plone can be a good choice


You should probably dnot do all this at first, because it will (probably) take too much time.
Make a website that works and has the most important stuff.
Then you can add things like tracking later)

First things first: People need to see pictures and text about the products, then 'how to order'.
Dont 'overdo' the front page, (probably) the vistors come to buy balloons, so put that on the front-page


@pigeonflight which no-code tool exactly?

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Since this seems to be heavy on online ordering, I'd go for something that does well with order management and basic tracking, probably Ecwid or Shopify. Since it is possible to embed Ecwid shops in other sites, it unlocks the possibility of combining it with a full CMS like Plone or another no-code tool like Webflow.
To be safe, I recommend doing a bit more research before committing to the final solution.

It's all about the choice of PHP vs JS I guess. Docker, React, Python all the new tech stacks, I feel plone is a modern tank.

Not technical aspects should be also considered.

If your business starts going well you probably will concetrate in offering, selling, packaging and sending balloons. No much time will be left for programming, configuring and administering your site.

Under such scenario I would consider to go for a hosted e-commerce constellation with 24/7 support. By the choice of the provider/system there are aspects that are not to be neglected: good integration to finance, customer and inventory management, etc.But also backup, security and version updates.

Neither WordPress nor Plone offer all the above out of the box.

So the question is not: a car or a tank? But which battle do you need to fight?


Thank you,, guys, for your quality response, and I am glad to be part of a such community full of information and knowledge. Also, I want to tell you that I launched my business website on WordPress and would love to have the marketing ideas for my business website. From where should I have to start? :thinking:

There are discussion groups on Facebook for Wordpress, maybe try that. Please note: Not all the info you get in those groups are 'completely true', so double check (especially if it has to do with SEO, there are a lot of 'myths' )

Probably in a forum targeting Wordpress sites, so you get the hints for the right tools Forums |

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Lisa, Please note: Wordpress .com is not the same as wordpress .org so dont mix those up. Wordpress. com is 'hosting'. You probably dont want to use that (install Wordpress on your own hosting, it is much better).