Is mailman still a thing? What are people using now?

In a scenario where the users of a mailing list can visit a site to view threads within a site and the threads are further organized by date and topic, is there a solution that is actively maintained for this nowadays?

Back in the day that was something Mailman did and there was Plone integration.
Conversations would happen mostly in email and then later on these "threads" would be accessible via Mailman or the Plone integration.

Would love to know how people are addressing this scenario now with Plone.

Mailman in Version 3 (which is a complete rewrite compared to 2) is "a thing" and IMO a great piece of software. It is modular and has a core, the Mailman HyperKitty (web archiver, displaying the threads) and Postorious (the admin backend) are Django based. Both are talking to the core via restapi.

Though, I do not know about an integration in Plone. Using Mailman cores full featured restapi it should be possible to use it via proxy views or JS or Volto components in Plone. Sure, this is probably some work.

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:smiley: Nice! I should have just Googled "mailman" but thanks @jensens.
This is a great starting point!