Introduction GSoC'23

Hello everyone, I am Adhiraj Singh from India, currently pursuing B.Tech from IIIT Nagpur. I am skilled in HTML5, CSS, JS, React, C++, and SEO. I am looking forward to participating in GSoC'23 under your organization and guidance. I think working on a project given by you all based on my skill set would be a great start. Please guide me through this journey.
Thank You
Adhiraj Singh

Hello to everyone in the community :wave: I am Simarjeet Singh a 2nd year BTech student at Thapar Institute. I am an aspiring GSOC contributor. I am passionate about learning new technologies and am currently focused on web development.
I am new to this community and would love to connect and contribute to Plone.
I look forward to talking with other community members and learning a lot.

Hello @adhiraj , @simitoor Welcome to Plone! (^ ^). Please sign the contributor's agreement before making contributions to the Plone core codebase (if you haven't). To get-started you can go through this discussion post: Recommendations for GSoC aspirants.


Hello Plone community! I am Harsh Mungara a Btech 2nd year student at DA-IICT. I am very new to open source community. In fact this would be my first major contribution to an open source project. i would love to receive guidance from all my peers and mentors.
I have mostly worked on MERN stack and I am very familiar with programming languages like C and C++. I also have a basic knowledge of python.
I am looking forward to contributing to this organization under GSOC'23.