Introduction | GSoC'2019

Hello Everyone , This is Lakshmikant Tyagi ,Student of Computer science and engineering willing to contribute to Plone.I am proeficient with Javascript ,ReactJS ,NodeJS and Python .
I have seen the Volto- the frontend CMS for Plone and Guillotina based on React.
Please guide me how to proceed further to contribute .

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@lkttyagi You can start contributing with the Volto project and here is the link :- If you haven't already, please see for more hints (from 2018) on how to get started.

Hi I am PRATIK MISHRA , Student of Computer Science Engineering Student from University of Calcutta, willing to contribute to Plone .I have prior knowledge in Python, Django, Javascript, HTML and CSS,C.I have experience in contributing to open source platform and successfully participated in Kharagpur Winter of Code 2018(KWoC).
I have seen the GSOC 2019 projects "Finish plone.importexport"
I would like to work on that project so please guide me further.