Introduction and next steps

Hello everyone,
I am Deveshi Singh, a pre-final year student looking to contribute to the Plone organization. I have setup the local environment for it. I am looking forward to start contributing to this project. This is the first open source project I am contributing on. I have read the docs briefly and I plan on tacking the AI content generation using the title and description for now.

Hi everyone,
I'm Daniel and I'm a new contributor here and I've been lurking in the chat for a while, trying to get a feel for things. I'm really interested in getting involved but I'm not quite sure where to start.

  • As a new contributor, is it recommended to learn the Plone technology stack first before diving in, or is there a mix of learning and contributing that works well?
  • Are there any resources or guides that would be helpful for someone new to the project to get up to speed quickly?

Thanks in advance for any pointers!

Hi @hazel856 , I can tell you from my pov that none can learn plone in a single go, while learning and contributing can be done simulatneously . But before diving in anything , it requires some of the prerequisites like over here you need to , 1st) sign the contributor's agreement 2nd) thoroughly going through the docs ( the most basic one would be creating a plone project and then customizing it as per your wish , the link to plone doc is ) in this way you can cover a lot as a fresher.
You can also watch the training videos of plone conf :

If u have any further doubts then don't hesitate to ask.

Hi there, Tanya!
The training videos seem more helpful, will take my time.

Thank you.

Yes those videos are really good.

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