Introduction and contribution for project idea Create-React-App for Plone-React

Hello Sir,

I am Shubham , final year engineering student from Kolkata , India.
I am looking forward to contribute to this wonderful organisation through react/javascript development.
I have been learning reactjs since last 6 months and has developed few projects.
I have contributed to Mozilla last year and I am currently a remote developer for a San Francisco based E commerce company- New-star Corporation.
I was also mentoring Google Code In students for JBoSS organisation.
I am very interested in project idea "Create-React-App for Plone-React."
I am passionate about technologies that impact mankind.
Looking forward to contribute to Plone Org and becoming it’s long time contributor. Cheers!!

Looking forward to your response.
Shubham Bhadani,

Hey shubham, great to see you dropping by, Currently the plone-react repo is in active development privately. It"ll merge with the upstream repo probably in early march , till then you can explore plone itself and have a look at plone.restapi, also there is a brief discussion about this project at Create-react-app for Plone-react ,your ideas are welcome....

Meanwhile, you can read the documentation at and try the demos to get to know what Plone is and how it all works. And for this project, go through the plone.restapi as well. For any queries, feel free to ask in the community. @shubham0794x